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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Share your tales of snow

Is it snowing in your part of the world today? If so, share your pictures and tell us how your Land Rover made your life easier while the two-wheel-drive world ground to a halt!
There's four ways to share, quickly and easily.
  • Post a comment below (click on 'comments' and just type in your story - it'll be there for all to read)
  • Send a picture by email. Use the following address and it'll be published direct on to this blog as a post: What ever you add in the body of your email will be published with the picture - so tell us a bit about who took the picture and what it is showing. If you camera phone has an email function you can send it direct to this blog from your mobile. nb There may be data transfer charges by your network provider for this. Keep the image small and the cost will be low.

  • If you find it easier to simply send an MMS (a picture on a text message) send it to 07736353590. This is the slowest option because it does not publish direct to the blog.

  • Or just send an email to with your image attached. less than 512kb a pic please.

Land Rover Owner reserves the right to edit or remove contributions.

Land Rover is doing it's bit. The company said yesterday: "Land Rover is on standby to offer the services of up to 100 vehicles and their off-road experts, following extreme weather warnings for central and north-west areas of the UK.

"As in previous years, all 10 Land Rover Experience centres in the UK will be available tomorrow (Thursday) to assist the local emergency services - including highway patrols, fire services and local police forces – helping people get home safely. They will also help to recover vehicles broken down in the bad weather and vehicles involved in road traffic accidents.

"John Edwards, Land Rover UK managing director commented: "Year after year Land Rover has assisted local authorities in severe weather and emergency situations. With such an extreme forecast for the next few days, we've assured them that our vehicles will once again be available should they need them."

"Land Rover UK has also this afternoon (Wednesday) dispatched a fleet of vehicles from their head office in Warwickshire, to support police forces in the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and West Mercia areas.

"Land Rovers have a towing capability of up to 3.5 tonnes, permanent four-wheel drive and advanced off-road technology such as Terrain Response™. This includes a snow setting to utilise the vehicle's electronic controls and traction aids in slippery and treacherous conditions.
Land Rover Experience Centres offer a variety of courses and training to teach safe and responsible off-road driving skills."


Anonymous said...

Sorry no pic but rescued a couple of ordinary cars from ordinary situations (ordinary hills with some ordinary snow on them). The only thing that was not ordinary about this situation was the idiot ordinary drivers who think they can treat snow by giving it the ordinary amount of wellie!

Cliff Snelling

MatP said...

i thought that the RAC rescued stranded motorists, not the other way around?
shame i didn't get a picture. My new AT2s are great!

Ghost said...

Sadly my land rover didn't make the snow covered roads as my battery needs replacing (got one after work), plus I had to go to work (van got stuck a few times) saw plenty of bmw's spining around and one van with a snow man on top.

Did however take a photo on the drive:

Anonymous said...

Chris Higgins; whose Disco is pictured above, said: " We seemed to have been missed by the snow flurry here in West Norfolk . The picture was taken at 1600 hrs today (Feb 8) in Kings Lynn and look....still not white! The trailer was ready to collect enough snow to build a large snowman. Some of us are dissapointed, however we're ready to lend a hand when it arrives!

Anonymous said...

Having gone out to play all day on Saturday, I decided to modify the front corner of my Disco, chose a Silver Birch sapling as the target.
The only damage was to my pride, I used to drive Landys in a previous military life and never bent one...ah well...her indoors was running on hot tongue and cold shoulder..
PS any good welders on line

Uncle Knobhead (ret'd)

Highland Laddie said...

Snow and Ice. Ever done a 360degree pirouet on ice on a 1 in 3 track with a 300 foot drop off one side. Interesting!!! Must remember to use diff lock before I go up next time.

Highland Laddie said...

Snow and Ice. Ever done a 360degree pirouet on ice on a 1 in 3 track with a 300 foot drop off one side. Interesting!!! Must remember to use diff lock before I go up next time.

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