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Saturday, February 03, 2007

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Freelander 2. First drive p.4 (7pgs)News. Tuners quick to unleash TDV8 potential p.12 (0.75page)Wheels and Tyres - choosing the best for your Land Rover p.40 (5pgs)6x6 Forward Control camper p.48 (5pages)Defender 110 CSW conversion to double cab p.56 (2pgs)Range Rover P38 brought up to date p.60 (2pgs)Discovery racer, built for rallying p.68 (5pgs)Dave's UK tour. Gloucestershire p.74 (6pgs)Defender snowplough, commissioned by Wiltshire County Council p.82 (4pgs)Overseas adventure. Kruger National Park, South Africa p.88 (8pgs)60 years of Land Rover. First coil sprung utility vehicle p.98 (2pgs)Product report. Seat covers p.110 (2pgs)Driving advice. How to get more from your winch p.144 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month. Wheeldon Lane, south Devon p.147 (1page)Series I. Buying tips p.175 (1page)Weekend workshop. Checking your steering rods p.210 (2pgs)Workshop Q&A. Series 1, hill problem. p.216 (0.75pge)Series IIA. Electronic ignition (photo guide) p.218 (2pgs)Canvas tilts. How to keep them in good condition (photo guide) p.220 (5pgs)Starter motors. Covers all Land Rover models (photo guide) p.225 (5pgs)

Dave's UK tour. Wirral Peninsula p.6 (7pgs)News. Defender Td5 lives on p.14 (0.75page)Improved Defender. Stretched. 142-inch Defender p.32 (5pgs)Skid control. Driving skills the Army way p.44 (6pgs)Go green. Vegetable oil. Biodiesel. LPG p.54 (6pgs)Wrecks to Riches. Series II p.62 (5pgs)Tuned Range Rover Sport p.68 (5pgs)Range Rover hybrid. Ultimate competition vehicle p.74 (5pgs)Alaska to Argentina p.92 (7pgs)60 Years of Land Rover. Land Rover Ninety and One Ten launched p.100 (2pgs)Product test. Head torches p.114 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month. King's Delph, Whittlesey p.139 (1page)Discovery 2. Buying tips p.167 (1page)Weekend workshop. Looking after ACE (photo guide) p.200 (2pgs)Project Discovery. Part 1. Rusty boot floor gets replaced (photo guide) p.208 (4pgs)Diesel engines. Eddie Evans investigates the transformation (photo guide) p.212 (5pgs)Freelander drivetrains. Causes, cures and catastrophes (photo guide) p.218 (4pgs)

Night driving in a Wolf 90 p.6 (7pgs)Wrecks-Riches: 1951 Series I p.30 (5pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: Northumberland p.48 (6pgs)New Vehicle Test Drive: Range Rover 400bhp p.56 (3pgs)I Drive It Every Day. Seriously quick Series III p.62 (5pgs)Camel 110: Drying out after a dunk p.76 (3pgs)Modified Land Rover: Radical Forward Control p.88 (6pgs)Reader’s Adventure: Let’s emigrate to New Zealand – Final part p.102 (4pgs)60 years of Land Rover: Birth of a legend p.108 (2pgs)Off-Road Techniques: How to climb hills p.112 (2pgs)Product report: Raised air intakes p.116 (2pgs)Global report: Off-Road in Poland p.130 (2 pgs)Global report: Kitting vehicle for expedition p.132 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Hope, Derbyshire p.140 (2pgs)Used Buyer Guide: 1994-98 300Tdi Defender p.186 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Tyre checks p.200 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Finding fault-and how to fix it: Part 1. 4-cylinder production models p.202 (5pgs)Workshop: Series I, how ring-pull transmission works. P.207 (1pge)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 4. Engine strip-internal organs p.212 (4pgs)
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Emergency Land Rover: Kendal Mountain Rescue p.6 (6pgs)Wrecks-Riches: Series III station wagon p.28 (5pgs)Improved Land Rover: P38A Range Rover, off-roader p.44 (4pg)2006 Land Rover Year Guide: Where to go. P.51 (7pgs)Improved Land Rover: Ex-electricity board 127 Defender p.60 (5pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: North-east Yorkshire p.74 (6pgs)Land Rover tech stuff: Latest generation of LR diesel engines. P.84 (2pgs)Reader’s Adventures: Cape York, Australia p.98 (4pgs)LRO and the environment: Neil meets the Environment Agency & Lake District authorities p.104 (4pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: Land Rovers and the AA p.110 (2pgs)Off-Road Techniques: Winching for beginners p.114 (2pgs)Product report: Fitting high performance air filters p.118 (2pgs)Engine Swap guide: What fits and who does it p.122 (2pgs)Our vehicles: How to change a 200Tdi cambelt, 1990 200Tdi Defender p.126 (2 pgs)Our vehicles: Snow chains/heated windscreen, 1994 300Tdi Defender p.135 (1pge)Greenlane of the month: Strata Florida, Mid Wales p.148 (2pgs)Used Buyer Guide: Td5 Discovery 2 p.186 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Looking after your brake pipes p.200 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Finding fault-and how to fix it: Part 2. 6-cylinder models p.203 (4pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 5. Engine strip, inspecting major engine parts. P.212 (4pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

Improved Land Rover: Tomb Raider 90 p.6 (5pgs)42 Things to do in your Land Rover-before it’s too late p.23 (7pgs)Wrecks –Riches: Series IIA workhorse p 36 (6pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: Cambridgeshire and the Fens p.56 (7pgs)I Drive It Every Day: Defender ice Cream van p.66 (6pgs)Something different: Series I into a monster truck p.74 (2pgs)Land Rover Island: Only Solihull’s 4x4s will do on Rum p.80 (6pgs)2006 Rhino Charge: Part 1: Event organised by Rhino Ark conservation charity p.88 (2pgs)Reader’s Adventure: Auvergne, Massif Central, France p.98 (3 pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 22K-mile trial through Africa p.104 (2pgs)Fuel facts: What to do if you misfuel p110 (2pgs)Off-Road Techniques: Part 9, know your transmission p.114 (2pgs)Product report: Air compressors p.118 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Snowdonia, North Wales p.136 (2pgs)Global reports: Buenos Aires to Jujuy, Argentina p.140 (3 pgs)Used Buyer Guide: 101 Forward Control p.188 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Checking leaking vacuum and engine breather hoses p.200 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap in 2 working days. Part 1 p.202 (5pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 6, cylinder block assembly/gas-flowed head p.212 (4pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

The Dambusters: Land Rover’s first television commercial p.6 (4pgs)Wrecks-Riches: First-time Series III rebuild p.22 (5pgs)Rock driving techniques with Vince Cobley. Plus, Rocks USA style. P40 (6pgs)Product report: Which diff guard p.46 (3pgs)Something different: Portal-axled 90 p.52 (2pgs)How to live in your Land Rover: Your LR can be your home-from-home p.60 (8pgs)Something different: Monster G4 replica p.76 (2 pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: 20-mile radius around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire p.84 (6pgs)Defender 90 goes veggie: Land Rover runs on vegetable oil p.98 (4pgs)Land Rover G4 Challenge 2006. Final International Selections p.104 (3pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 1956. Soldiers and Land Rovers in desert conflict. P114 (2pgs)2006 Rhino Charge: Part 2. Charting the preparation of Car 30. p.118 (4pgs)Our vehicles: Rebuilding the rear diff on 1957 Series I 88-inch p.130 (3pgs)Greenlane of the month: South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire p.146 (2pgs)Used Buyer Guide: Buying a Series I p.194 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Renewing aging grommets in Series Land Rovers p.208 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap, Part 2. Disconnecting all the bits. P.212 (4pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 7. New camshaft fitted and flywheel housing bolted on P216 (4pgs)Workshop: Fitting a heated windscreen in a Defender 300Tdi p.220 (3pgs)
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I Drive It Every Day. Armoured Defender used by Dorset Police p.6 (5pgs)Land Rover: Land_e technology-cutting emissions and improving fuel economy p 14 (2pgs)Buy a Classic Land Rover: Tips and advice p 28 (9pgs)Improved Land Rover: 1997 300-Tdi Discovery Commercial with three-link suspension p.48 (5pgs)Wrecks – Riches: Pre-production Range Rover p.56 (5pgs)Towing special: What vehicle. Kit for towing. Driving advice. What you can tow. Improve to tow p.72 (7pgs)Improved Land Rover: Range Rover-based Defender p.82 (4pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: Suffolk p.90 (6pgs)Something different: Converting 4-door Range Rover into a pick-up p.98 (2pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: The mid-1950’s see Land Rover going for diesel p.112 (2pgs)2006 Rhino Charge: Part 3. Car 30 (Range Rover Classic) rebuild progresses. P.116 (4pgs)Greenlane of the month: Toft’s Hill, Stathern, Lincolnshire p.139 (1pge)Used Buyer Guide: 1.8-litre K-series petrol engine Freelander p.186 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Fixing a load space partition in Discovery p.200 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap Part 3. Disconnecting the engine p.204 (4pgs)Workshop: Replacing a diff pan in a Range Rover LSE p.208 (2pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 8 Assembling the timing gear. P212 (3pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

Dave’s UK Tour: The Alternative Pennine Way, Part 1. p.6 (7pgs)Wrecks – Riches: LRO Readers’ Forum rescues a Series II for charity p.26 (5pgs)I Drive It Every Day: The Highways Agency use Discovery 3 p.34 (4pgs)The World’s Top 10 Places to drive your Land Rover p.48 (10pgs)Improved Land Rover: Standard 90 into serious on-and off-roader p.62 (5pgs)Get a Grip Steve! Ed Evans and Steve Graham travel to Sweden to collect a rare Series I coachbuilt by Grip Kaross p.72 (5pgs)Buying Challenge: Dave Phillips searches for and buys a Land Rover in a day p.82 (4pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: The creation of the Series II p.98 (2pgs)2006 Rhino Charge: Part 4. Overhauling the petrol V8 engine p.104 (4pgs)Reader’s Adventure: 15 countries, 7 days, 2 Discos, 4517 miles p.110 (3pgs)Off-Road techniques: Driving advice. Travel light, travel right p.142 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Stock Bank, Barley, Hertfordshire p.147 (1pge)Vehicle excise duty: Follow the rules. P.149 (1pge)Used Buyer Guide: Ex-Military One Ten p.196 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Oil and filter changing p.214 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap Part 4. Disconnecting all mechanical connections p.218 (3pgs)KAM Diff Locker: Full technical lowdown p.222 (4pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 9. Fitting the cylinder head p.226 (3pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

New Range Rover TDV8. The final test before it arrives in the showrooms p.8 (7pgs)Winches: Four new winches from Britpart p.27 (2pgs)Dave’s UK Tour: The Alternative Pennine Way, Part 2 p.34 (6pgs)Improved Land Rover: 1996 Defender H/T into jungle challenge vehicle p.50 (5pgs)Wrecks-Riches: Ex-MoD 109-inch Series III p.56 (5pgs)Off-Road techniques: 10 ways to recover a Land Rover p.68 (7pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: William Phillips Birch, wheel winch invention p.84 (2 pgs)2006 Rhino Charge: Part 5. Main rebuild completed – testing stage p.88 (4pgs)Off-Roading in Portugal: Lousa, central Coimbra region. P.98 (4pgs)Reader’s Adventure: From the top of Norway down to Cape tariff in Spain p.106 (3pgs)Product report: Winch accessories p.112 (2 pgs)Off-Road Techniques: How to avoid damaging the countryside p.122 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Easton Royal, Wiltshire p.129 (1pge)Our vehicles: Winch bumper for 1990 200Tdi Defender p.146 (2pgs)Our vehicles: Servicing the winch, 1994 Discovery 1 p.149 (1pge)Used Buyer Guide: TDV6 Discovery 3 p.192 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Checking the exhaust system p.208 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap Part5. Lifting off the body in one piece p.212 (4pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 10. The 200Tdi unit goes into the engine bay p.218 (4pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

New Freelander 2. Second-generation model p.6 (6pgs)Defender. Safe until at least 2010 p.14 (1 pge)Phil Popham. Land Rover’s new M.D. p.17 (1 pge)Cooper Tire, USA. Now available in UK p.24 (2pgs)Changing face of Discovery. 1989-2006 p.26 (5pgs)Land Rover Classic Parts. Supplier to trade. P.34 (4pgs)Original Series One. One of the finest. P.49 (4pgs)G4 2006 Challenge. Final week, Bolivia p.57 (7pgs)I drive it every day. AA patrolman drives110 Defender p65 (5pgs)Dave’s UK Tour. Pembrokeshire p.72 (6pgs)Improved Land Rover. 90/88 V8 Hybrid p.84 (5pgs)Discovery 3 commercial. Conversion by Nene Overland p. 91 (1pge)60 Years of Land Rover. 1960’s, Lightweight. P.100 (2pgs)Rhino Charge 2006. Part 6. Final preparations. P.104 (4pgs)Product report: Fridges and cool boxes p.110 (2pgs)Reader’s Adventure: Sahara Desert drive. P. 116 (4pgs)Range Rover Sport. G4 Challenge diary, John Pearson. P.122 (2pgs)Our vehicles: 1990 200Tdi defender-suspension p.124 (2pgs)Our vehicles: 1994 Discovery 1-new side-exit exhaust p.127 (1pge)Off-road techniques: The right way to wade. P.146 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Win Green, Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire p.151 (1pge)Used buyers guide. Td5 Defender p.198 (7pgs)Weekend workshop: Give your wheels the wow factor p.214 (1.5pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap. Pt 6. Stripping the chassis p.218 (4pgs)RR Classic, 300Tdi Defender Discover: rear axle seals sorted. P.226 (3pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

Improved Land Rover: Discovery 3 adapted for expedition tours p.4 (5pgs)Wrecks – Riches: Series III FFR Lightweight. p.26 (5pgs)Improve your suspension: Air suspension, coil and leaf springs. P.40 (7pgs)New Freelander 2. Pt2. Technical insight. P.60 (4pges)Dave’s UK tour:. Kent to Cornwall. Part 1. p.66 (7pgs)I drive it on Sundays: Competition Series I p.76 (5pgs)I drive it every day: 5 modified Land Rovers NOT driven off-road p.86 (6pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 1963 S2A Forward Control built p.102 (2pgs)Biodiesel Defender: 110 modified to run on biodiesel fuel p.106 (4pgs)Product report: Mobile cooking solutions p.114 (2pgs)Reader Adventure: Icelandic honeymoon p.118 (4pgs)Our vehicles: 1998 Defender CSW. New grille fitted p.133 (1pge)Rainforest Challenge Malaysia: The preparations so far. P.144 (2pgs)Off-road techniques: Driving side slopes p.150 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Washgate Road, Derbyshire p.153 (1pge)Buying a used S3: Handy tips p.177 (1pge)Weekend workshop: Replacing a door mirror p. 208 (2pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap. Pt 7. New chassis becomes a rolling one.p.216 (4pgs)Discovery 2: Fitting suspension bushes p.220 (4pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

Hannibal’s Trail in a Range Rover Sport. Part 1 p.8 (7pgs)Interview: Gerry McGovern, LR’s Direct, Advanced Design p.22 (2pgs)Wrecks – Riches: 1969 Series IIA p.32 (5pgs)Improved Land Rover: 300bhp Ninety p.44 (5pgs)Land Rover dossier: Freelander 1 p.62 (7pgs)Dave’s UK tour: Kent to Cornwall. Part 2. p.72 (6pgs)Replica Land Rover: 1961 88-in SIIA by Junior Replicas p.82 (4pgs)Land Rover careers: Working with Land Rovers p.90 (4pgs)Rhino Charge 2006: RR Car 30 ready for the Challenge p.96 (3pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 1971, 2 Range Rovers conquer the Darien Gap p.110 (2pgs)Product report: Storage solutions p.114 (2 pgs)Off-Road: Australia. The Kimberley region, N.W. Australia p.118 (6pgs)Our vehicles: 1994 Discovery 1. The benefits of 2.8-litre Tdi engine p.137 (1pge)Driving advice: Top 15 off-road mistakes p.152 (3pgs)Greenlane of the month: Pole Bank, Shropshire p.163 (1pge)Weekend workshop: Checking your electrics p.222 (2pgs)Workshop: Series III chassis swap. Final part. P.230 (4pgs)Painting your Land Rover: Inside LR’s high-tech paintshop p.234 (6pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Engine revamped. Work starts on other areas p.240 (4pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

What to buy for £5000 p.4 (7pgs)The new Defender with Ford Dura Torq engine etc. p.28 (6pgs)Wrecks-Riches: 1981 Stage I tow truck p.56 (5pgs)Land Rover dossier: Discovery 1 p.64 (7pgs)Dave’s UK tour: Norfolk p.76 (7pgs)Land Rovers at Work: Alladale estate, Scottish Highlands p.94 (4pgs)Hannibal’s Trail in a Range Rover Sport. Part 2 p.100 (6pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 1971, Series III p.108 (2pgs)Product report: Power inverters p.118 (2pgs)Reader adventure: Saraland event, Pays Basque region p.122 (2pgs)Our vehicles: 1998 Defender 110 CSW – tachograph fitted p.126 (3pgs)Global report: Ex-military Land Rovers for hire in Kenya p.138 (3pgs)Driving advice: Ditches can be conquered p.144 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: New Wavendon Heath, Bedfordshire p.153 (1 page)Range Rover Td6. Buying tips p.177 (1 page)Weekend workshop: Check your Series drum brakes p.206 (2pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: New rear suspensions/brakes/wheelbearings p.214 (4pgs)Workshop: S2a engine swap-2-ltr Perkins Prima turbo-charged p.218 (4pgs)Seating special: How to maintain/refurbish seats p.222 (5pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

12 Best modifications for your Land Rover p.4 (6pgs)New Defender engine revealed p.12 (1page)First Drive Range Rover TDV8 p.26 (4pgs)Wrecks-Riches: Series 2A with stainless steel chassis p.42 (5pgs)110 hard top now Tomb Raider replica p.48 (5pgs)Lightweight with 200Tdi engine p.62 (2pgs)Dave’s UK tour: Nottinghamshire p.66 (7pgs)Dune driving in Namibia p.78 (8pgs)Glassfibre shell for Freelander on Discovery running gear p.98 (5pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: Series 3 Stage I V8 p.106 (2pgs)Product report: Heavyweight winches p.110 (2pgs)Global report: Spain-Alcoy to Gandia route p.136 (3pgs)Greenlane of the month: Faxton, Northamptonshire p.143 (1 page)Range Rover P38. Buying tips p.171 (1 page)Weekend workshop: Renewing your antifreeze p.208 (2pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: New brakes, springs, dampers and oil p.216 (4pgs)Off-Roading. Before and after preparation p.220 (5pgs)Getting the bests from your turbo.p.226 (5pgs)
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40 English counties in 40 hours. P.4 (6pgs)Child seats: the regulations. P.13 (0.25pge)Wrecks-Riches. 88-inch SIIA SW-Iceland p.26 (5pgs)Defender Double Cab. Standard + equipped for expeditions p.42 (6pgs)Security. How safe is your Land Rover? P.50 (6pgs)Supercharged Series I p.58 (2pgs)Ultimate Discovery 3.Matzker upgrade p.66 (6pgs)Dave’s UK tour: South Cambridgeshire p.74 (6pgs)Readers’ Adventure: Oman p.86 (7pgs)Readers’ Adventure: Africa made easy p104 (4pgs)60 Years of Land Rover: 101’s, West East Sahara expedition p.112 (2pgs)Greenlane of the month: Marsh Lane, Curridge, West Berkshire p.143(1pge)Range Rover Classic: Buying tips p.173 (1pge)Weekend workshop: How to change headlamps p.208 (2pgs)Budget rebuild Discovery: Fitting new exhaust and front brake callipers p.216 (3pgs)DIY Service Guide: Top tips by Eddie Evans p.220 (6pgs)Electronic tuning: What’s to be gained from an upgrade? P.226 (5pgs)
Back issues: £5p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:


Launch of Range Rover Sport. p.6 (6pgs)
Dave’s UK Travels: Northern Ireland p.28 (7pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: S1 109-inch diesel p.42 (5pgs)
Winter Survival: The gear, the knowledge, the fun. p.50 (15pgs)
Drive It Every Day: Series III 88-inch farm machine. p.72 (6pgs)
Improved Land Rover: Range Rover for extreme off-road. p.82 (6pgs)
Expedition: Africa by Camel – Part 7 p.100 (4pgs)
Product Review: Diff lockers p.108 (4pgs)
Our Vehicles: Roll cage for 2003 Defender Td5 XS p.120 (5pgs)
A-Z of essential tools for working on Land Rovers p.206 (4pgs)
Project Defender Rebuild. Part 5: First road test p.212 (5pgs)
Discovery 300Tdi: Dashboard repair p.217 (1page)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231Email:

Dave’s UK travels: Yorkshire Dales/Peak District p.6 (7pgs)
2006 Range Rover makeover: supercharged engine and facelift p.17 (2 pgs)
How deep? How steep?: How far can you push a Land Rover p.32 (10pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: 88-inch Series 3 p.48 (5pgs)
I Drive It Every day: Expedition Defender 110 p.60 (6pgs)
Adventure USA: Route 66 p.70 (5pgs)
Discovery 3: Towing test p.80 (3pgs)
Expedition: Africa by Camel – Part 8 p.86 (4pgs)
Product review: Anti-theft devices p.94 (4pgs)
Our Land Rovers: Installing a split charge system-Defender Td5 XS p.106 (3.5pgs)
Our Land Rovers: Fitting an auto brake-1990 Defender 200Tdi p.111 (1pge)
Workshop: MoT – Part 1. Pass the test p.194 (5pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&p
Contact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231 Email:

Buying a Land Rover: The £1500 challenge p.6 (5pgs)
Adventure Spain: Recovering a wrecked Range Rover Classic p.28 (8pgs)
215 Top Tips to get the best out of your Land Rover p.43 (11pgs)
Something different: Camel Trophy workshop unit p.62 (6pgs)
Wrecks–Riches: SIIB 110 Forward Control p.70 (4pgs)
Inside story: How the Discovery 3 launch was planned p.76 (6pgs)
Dave’s UK Travels: Lincolnshire p.86 (7pgs)
Expedition: Africa by Camel Part 9 p.96 (4pgs)
Product Test: Hi-lift jacks p.104 (4pgs)
Our vehicles: Fitting a raised air intake –Defender Td5 XS p.118 (1pge)
Our vehicles: Fitting new springs – 1990 Defender 200Tdi p.120 (2pgs)Global report: Australia – mountains and snow p.136 (4pgs)Workshop: MoT-Part 2. Steering, tyres, brakes, suspension system p.198 (5pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231Email:

Cave driving in France p.6 (8pgs)
Go Faster Land Rover: How to make your Land Rover faster p.44 (12pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: Series III Lightweight p.64 (6pgs)
Supercharged V8: Used in Range Rover Sport/2006 Range Rover p.72 (4pgs)
Dave’s UK Travels: Warwickshire p.86 (7pgs)
Expedition: Africa by Camel – Final part p.100 (4pgs)
Product review: Sand ladders p.108 (4pgs)
Workshop: MoT-Part 3. Lighting, fuel, exhaust emissions p.204 (5pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&p
Contact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231. Email:

Range Rover Sport: Road test p.8 (8pgs)
2006 Range Rover: Road test p.16 (3pgs)
Improved Land Rover: Discovery commercial converted to bobtailed off-roader p 42 (6pgs)
I Drive It Every Day: Much-used Series IIa p.56 (5pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: From Ninety to G4 Replica p.66 (5pgs)
Product report: Electric winches p.82 (4pgs)
Dave’s UK tour: Bedfordshire p.90 (8pgs)
Overseas Adventure: Dave Phillips shares some of his favourite memories p.100 (8pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Trip to Iceland in a Freelander Td4 p.110 (2pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Fraser Island, Australia p.112 (1pge)
Our vehicles: Refitting the truck cab roof – 1990 Defender 200Tdi p.124 (2pgs)
Used Buyer Guide: Discovery Series I p.162 (7pgs)
Workshop: Reader rescue-Discovery S1, fitting new rear screen was nozzle p.192 (1.5pgs)
Project Defender Rebuild: Back on the road p.205 (3pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: From UK to Kathmandu-Part 1 p.223
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231Email:

Overseas Adventure: Desert Discovery – Morocco p.6 (9pgs)
Improved Range Rover: High performance Range Rover p.40 (6pgs)
I Drive It Every Day: Redesigned scrapped Discovery 300Tdi p.56 (6pgs)
Inside the Tdi: 200 and 300 Tdi engines explained p.64 (6pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: 110XS Defender Double Cab p.78 (4pgs)
Product report: Portable GPS p.86 (3pgs)
Dave’s UK Tour: Wessex p.92 (7pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: From UK to Kathmandu – Part 2 p.102 (2pgs)
Our Vehicles: Fitting a steering guard –1990 Defender 200Tdi p.115 (1pge)
Used Buyer Guide: Series III swb hard top p.150 (7pgs)
Reader Rescue: Seized selector shafts. P.184 (1.5pgs)
Workshop: Defender-fitting a Warn 9.5XP winch and bespoke bumper p.186 (4pgs)
Project G4 Replica Freelander: Paint job – Part 1 p.196 (4pgs)Global report: Alaska – the last frontier p.213 (2pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&pContact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231. Email:

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Ultimate Tyre Guide. P.38 (8pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: Series II p.54 (5pgs)
Something Special: Td5 Defender built to order p.67 (3pgs)
New vehicle on test: Range Rover Sport. P.78 (4pgs)
Improved Land Rover: Bobtailed Range Rover p.88 (6pgs)
Land Rover: Five years under Ford p.97 (5pgs)
Dave’s UK Tour: Norfolk p.104 (7pgs)
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Our vehicles: 2001 Discovery 2 – fitting rear parking sensors p.118 (1pge)
Our vehicles: 2003 Td5 Defender 90 XS—fitting raised air intake p.120 (2pgs)
Used Buyer Guide: Td4 Freelander p.158 (7pgs)
Reader Rescue: 200Tdi Discovery-renewing window lift motors p.190 (1.5pgs)
Workshop: Air conditioning-system and maintenance explained p.192 (6pgs)
Project G4 Replica Freelander: Paint job – Part 2 p.202 (4pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&p
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British Adventure: The Highlands p.4 (8pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: 1948 Series I p.46 (5pgs)
Test: Defender110 vs Series III vs Santana PS10 p.60 (7pgs)
Product report: Winch cables, wire vs synthetic p.96 (2pgs)
Off-Road Techniques: How to avoid damage p.100 (2pgs)
Dave’s UK Tour: Essex-Herts border p.104 (7pgs)
Overseas Adventure: Madeira p.118 (5pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Into Sahara in a 130 Defender p.124 (4pgs)
Used Buyer Guide: Buying a V8 Range Rover p.164 (7pgs)
Reader Rescue: Range Rover Classic engine-rough idle p.192 (1.5pgs)
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Workshop: Upgrading Td5 suspension p.202 (4pgs)
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Save Money: Cut your running costs p.26 (5pgs)
Wrecks-Riches: All weather V8 Range Rover p.50 (5pgs)
Overseas Adventure: New Defender Silver tested in Pyrenees mountains p.62 (7pgs)
Improved Land Rover: 3-link suspension system on a Ninety p.70 (6pgs)
I Drive It Every Day: 1958 Series II, one owner p.84 (5pgs)
Project Off-Road Discovery: Fitting rear end bumper p.95 (2pgs)
Greenlane of the month: South Yorkshire p.103 (1pge)
Off-Road Techniques: How to avoid getting stuck p.112 (2pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: From UK to Kathmandu Part 4 p.116 (3pgs)
Global report: Ice Cold in Iceland p.120 (3pgs)
Project Off-Road Discovery: Fitting new brake discs and pads p.126 (1.5pgs)
Our vehicles: Fitting spare wheel carrier, 1990 200Tdi Defender p.129 (1 pge)
Product report: Two-way radios p.140 (3pgs)
Used Buyer Guide: Early One Ten p.184 (7pgs)
Reader Rescue: rear door lock 200Tdi Discovery p.212 (1.5pgs)
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Workshop: Series III engine upgrade – Part 1 p.224 (4pgs
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Modified Land Rover: Homebuilt Defender 90 p.28 (6pgs)
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12 Best Land Rover Weekends p.63 (13pgs)
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Off-Road Techniques: How to avoid drowning p.116 (2pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Chile p.120 (2pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: From UK to Kathmandu – Part 5 p.122 (1 pge)
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Used Buyer Guide: Ex-military Lightweight p.184 (7pgs)
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Centre-steer: World’s first centre-steer Land Rover replica p.34 (6pgs)
Something different: 1966 Series IIA 109-inch cherry-picker p.42 (2pgs)
Improved Land Rover: Defender 90 special p.58 (5pgs)
Improved Land Rover: Range Rover racer p.72 (6pgs)
Overseas Adventure: Where to drive in California p.80 (4pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Let’s emigrate to New Zealand, Part 1 p.100 (4pgs)
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Project Off-Road Discovery: Fitting a new snorkel p.112 (4pgs)
Off-Road Techniques: No winch? No worries p.118 (2pgs)
Product report: Recovery points p.122 (2pgs)
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Budget rebuild Discovery: Part 2 – engine out p.210 (4pgs)
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Something different: Land Rover Ninety with 6.5-litre V8 diesel engine p.56 (3pgs)
Improved Discovery: Bobtailed Discovery 300Tdi with plenty of kit p.62 (6pgs)
LRO Economy Challenge: Driving techniques, servicing, tyre choice p.80 (6pgs)
Reader’s Adventure: Let’s emigrate to New Zealand-Part 2 p.98 (4pgs)
Project Off-Road Discovery: Final part - Upholstery and underbody p.106 (4pgs)
Greenlane of the month: North Yorkshire p.113 (1pge)
Off-Road Techniques: Read that ground p.116 (3pgs)
Product report: Ropes p.122 (2pgs)
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Used Buyer Guide: P38 Range Rover p.186 (7pgs)
Reader Rescue: Discovery – fitting wheels and tyres p.206 (1.5pgs)
In-Car Entertainment: Eddie Evans visits Alpine Electronics p.208 (4pgs)
Workshop: Series I – fitting late heater system p.212 (1pge)
Budget Rebuild Discovery: Part 3-engine strip, heads down p.218 (4pgs)
Back issues: £4.94p&p. Reprints: 80p per page p&p. Contact: Margaret Way, Tel: 01733 468231.Email:


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