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Monday, February 05, 2007

Old site closes down

The old Land Rover Owner website ( is no more - due to circumstances beyond our control.
We apologise whole-heartedly to all those people inconvenienced by this in any way; forum users who can no longer access their posts, blog users who were unable to save their content before the site was closed, anyone listing their items for sale in our classified section and of course our advertisers.
We don't under-estimate how annoying this is or the difficulties it may cause you. If we had a viable option, rest assured, we would take it.
The good news is that we plan build a replacement - and have a bag full of lessons learned to make sure it serves the LRO community better than ever. This will be ready to go in a very short period of time - by which we mean less than 20 days from today.
In the meantime we have set up temporary message boards (see links, left) as a short-term home for the LRO community.
We will use this blog to keep you up to date with progress on the new site, to hear your comments and suggestions about it, and to keep you up to date with all Land Rover news. So please keep checking back. Sign up to a feed from this site and you're guaranteed to hear the latest the moment we publish it.


Tom Mc said...


In my humble opinion you can't do better than a phpbb forum.

The majority of clubs and organisations use this type of forum, it is easy to register, start new topics, post messages (with bold/underline or whatever), the various categories are clear and precise, you can see at a glance the number of posts and views for a certain topic, and most importantly one can follow the history of topics by back-tracking the pages - the old LRO forum was a nightmare to follow the history of a topic!

Phpbb forums can be found at

David Cushman said...

Thanks for the tip. We love phpbb too. Also considering UBB. It will come down to which is best equipped to draw in history from the old forum. That seems important to a lot of users.

Mr Wilf said...

DC - Wilf here.

Think most of the hardcore crowd would rather a solid base going forward, than an unknown base chosen because it gave access. PHPBB gets my vote.

Joe said...

Yep I love the php boards.

try this one at

(has lro not put a virtual 50p in the internetometer?)

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