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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

With Vince in Morocco

With Vince in Morocco
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
This Photo was taken on April 2006 Moroccan adventure with Vince Cobley
and the LROAC during a short stop outside Zagora to swap info with
another group traveling the opposite way. Fabulous trip for anyone with
a Land Rover. The defender was in its element. Living in Basel in
Switzerland the chances of going offroad are very limited. Last summer
we did a Welsh Weekend with Vince and Ed and the Moroccan adventure was
a natural follow up.

Pat (Patrick) Thompson. Basel Switzerland

Monday, September 25, 2006

my left foot

my left foot
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
LRO's Mark Saville is laid up 'working from home' after a bizarre caravan/dog accident. Add your thoughts and wishes, please.

Our Wonderful Discovery

Our Wonderful Discovery
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Steven Holt

Discription: This is our 2nd disco and very much like them. It takes us on holiday, shopping, school run, well mostly everthing. And to repay her we take her for a bit of greenlaning in bakewell.

My LR 90 at recent playday.

My LR 90 at recent playday.
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Sent in by LRO user. Not DC! If it's from you, add your comments below!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

(no subject)

(no subject)
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Hi Alan Here From Glasgow. I have just obtianed my 96 300 2.5 Tdi model a

short time ago as a toy. Im currantly about to change all oils, but which is

best. She has 130,000mls at moment and otherwise very pleased with her. She

doesnt appear to have been off road too much. Any info on oils to be used would

be most welcome. Thanks..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the latest photo i have of my beloved Lucy looking mighty fine outside the house

My Landie

My Landie
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
This is my Freelander at two recent 4 x 4 shows

Most smart if I do say so myself.

It may be a Freelander but it gets muddy!!


My Landie

My Landie
Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
This is my Freelander at two recent 4 x 4 shows

Most smart if I do say so myself.

It may be a Freelander but it gets muddy!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What are you up to with your Landy today?

We've set up a new way for you to share what you are doing right now

with your Land Rover

Just send an email to: and attach a

picture. Keep em small to make sure you don't clog up the system for

others - about 640 x 480 pixels wide is plenty. We sent an example

picturl with this one.

Use the subject line of your email to give your picture a headline. Use

the main part of the email to tell us about yourself and the picture.

Include your name and where you are.

DC - online editor <>

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Still on the road, Wednesday night

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Finding the best route home.

Watty in action... in the dark

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
On the A43

Southbound near Sheffield

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
M1 just south of Sheffield. Traffic reports say delays ahead.


Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Watty's made it to Northumberland. It must be time to start heading south for our intrepid Range Rover Sport driver.
Watch out for the feature in a forthcoming issue of LRO.

Breakfast at Lancaster Services


Stopped again. Now in Lancaster. First food since we left Strensham!

Watty is heading north towards Penrith this morning.

4.30am... services

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.

This is what 4.30 looks like at a service area - in this case it's Strensham Services on the M6.

Watty is heading north now having reached Devon and Cornwall yesterday.

Right now (8.35am) he's stopped for breakfast at Lancaster Services on the M6.

Watch out for the big green Range Rover Sport on its way up towards Penrith this morning.

Coffee break

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Neil takes a break for coffee at Taunton Deane services.

Devon Fog

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Neil originally sent this on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breakfast in East Grinstead

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Neil can always find time for a light snack...

Rain man

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
It's raining where Watty was when he sent this. Anyone guess where that bridge is? Us neither...

Early start

It's pitch black but Watty's on

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
his way, first thing on Tuesday morning.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Shopping on Monday night

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.

Provisions for the journey.

Jamie Oliver will be having a hizzy fit...

Watty will be having a coronary.

The Chariot of choice

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.
Just snapped in the LRO car park - the Range Rover Sport Watty will be taking touring. (See previous posts)

Watty on tour - in pictures!!

Originally uploaded by David Cushman.

Watch out for this man.

Neil Watterson will be driving around the country in a Range Rover Sport on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. He's going to be sending pictures and brief reports from his travels as instant updates from his phone throughout the trip (don't forget your charger Neil!).

So keep checking this blog for the latest and you'll know exactly where he is and what he's up to bang up to the minute (Mrs Watty, take note...)



Spot Watty on tour

Neil Watterson has a Range Rover Sport at his disposal right now. Have shiney chrome wheels and blacked-out windows - will travel.
Neil will be touring the country during Tuesday and Wednesday this week so keep an eye out for him.
It's a green one. Spot Watty and tell us so by adding a comment below!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

First post

Welcome to Land Rover Owner's first blog. We'll maintain this as a team.
Today website editor ( David Cushman brings us up to date with progress towards a new site for LRO:

Hello, I'm hoping many of the visitors to this blog will be familiar with the website - mostly because there will be a link from our site to this.
To be honest, this is likely to be a fairly short-lived blog because when our new site launches later this month it will come equipped with blogs of our own.
Not only will the staff be able to use them to keep you up to date with our activities and Land Rovers, but our thousands of users will be able to create their own too.
You'll be able to contribute your own thoughts on your vehicles, places to go, events, products and news - plus rate other people's contributions.

I'm told we're just days away from completion of that part of the new site. We're also putting the finishing touches to a much improved forum - replicating much of what php bulletin boards do.

At the same time we're simplifying registration so one registration does it all - and if you are already registred with you won't need to register again when the new site goes live.

The office is fairly quiet today - Neil, Mark and JP are all in the workshop tinkering with project Disco. When we launch our own blogs on the new site we'll get regular updates on exactly that kind of thing.

Today on the site we've been updating our YouTube channel (lrotv) and now have 100 favourites added - plus 21 of our own videos. They've notched up close to 40,000 views now.
You'll find them at

And we've been sorting out screen grabs for the company's annual awards bash.

find us at

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